Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Boy do we have it!!!

1. Our new site is finally live! Work that started in late September has finally come to fruition...well...almost. We'll be working out glitches over the next few weeks, customizing things a bit, and making some changes and additions to the site. But for now...you can enjoy bigger images, cooler music, individualized proofing galleries, a calendar, a shopping cart, and frequent updates.

2. We are wrapping up the 2007 year...no pun intended. The last of the pretty, ribbon-adorned portrait packages are being delivered this week. Thanks so much for your patience during this busy holiday season!

3. We are no longer booking appointments between now and January 21st. If you are in need of our services in the early part of 2008, contact us right away so we can reserve a spot for you. Don't worry, people...we'll still be sharing images here! We will finally have a chance to photograph our own families and friends during this festive time...keep posted by visiting us often over the next few weeks. (OH...and we do still have a couple of sessions left in 2007!)

4. Due to higher demand and upgraded camera equipment and props, we will be unveiling a new pricing structure in the coming year. Minimum investment (including session fee) will start at $225. Packages start at $500 and offer the utmost flexibility. Print prices will start at $15. Basic session fees will start at $125. Anyone who books between now and the new year will fall under the new fee and price structure. If you have already scheduled an appointment in 2008, we will honor our previous pricing.

5. We have an official space to call home! Our new studio is located on Highway 20 in Blountstown. Stay tuned for details about our open house...sometime in early 2008.

6. If you attempt to reach Hilary in the coming weeks and she doesn't relpy in a timely fashion...fear not. Hilary and her patient, devoted husband will be cruising to The Bahamas before Christmas. Bon Voyage!

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