Thursday, December 20, 2007

{back, refreshed, and awake...almost}

Taken by Kyle...shot in auto mode, but from a creative angle that he came up with all by himself. Hilary was so proud!
Obligatory "stand in front of the cool door" shot...holding a bag of key lime-flavored rum cakes that Hilary forgot to take from him. Heather and Hannah would have noticed this! Where were they?
A shot for good measure...just in case Kyle failed to take a decent photo of his wife. Artsy black and white shot of a towel stingray.

Awake enough to post a couple of pictures and entertain children who are tickled to pieces not to have homework for the next three weeks. Hilary and Heather will be doing the "School's In" dance when we ship them back to their classrooms after the long vacation...but that'll be a whole 'nother post!

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Christy said...

How was the cruise, Hil? Loved the picture of you. Tell Kyle "good job!" Stacey and I are looking forward to our cruise in March....We really should all go on one together some time.

See you Monday....Be sure to bring your cruise pics for us to look through!