Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall, Ya'll!

In case the 12 Days of Christmas promo wasn't temptation enough, I'm offering 3 exclusive fall sessions during the month of October. THREE! That's all I can squeeze in. So if you are interested in Halloween pictures, pumpkin patch photos, or any other fall-themed session, let me know right away. We can go all out and make the location and/or props as outrageous and original as your little one's costume, but I'm only available October 11th, 16th, and 18th...morning or evening! Hurry!

Here's an updated list of remaining appointment times for the 12 Days promo:
September 22, Carillon Beach .....1 slot still available
October 8, Monticello .....3 slots available
October 9, Quincy/ Lake Talquin .....2 slots available
October 26, St. George Island .....1 slot available
October 28, Mexico Beach .....1 slot available

Speaking of fall...I caught my younger two children playing on the haybales yesterday in the crisp evening air...they are best friends! Snapped this image as the sun was sinking behind the horizon and it's my new favorite! Thanks for looking!

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Amelia said...

That backlit photo is MASTER!!!!!!