Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back from The Hamptons! Bring on the Holidays!

OH...why can't we have the scenery here that exsists in Wainscott? The only thing missing from our trip to East Hampton this time was my stick in this gorgeous field of flowers and photograph. I did get to spend plenty of time with my sisters, however, and I'm excited to announce that they will be working with me in the coming months as I expand my photography business. Check back often to catch the latest details.
To kick things off, we'll be offering 12 exclusive opportunities for clients to have family portraits and custom Christmas cards made. If you are interested in hosting one of The 12 Days, contact us right away for more information...there are only 5- 6 spots remaining! We are particularly interested in Mexico Beach, Quincy, Thomasville, Cairo, and Panama City. "Hosting" doesn't require cleaning your house or serving trays of hors d'oeuvres, either...but if that happens to be your forte...I adore fancy schmancy cheeseballs! :)

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